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Free Virtual Mini Leadership Retreat

Wednesday, November 8th: 12:00 P.M. Pacific

Want to be a more effective leader while taking better care of yourself?

Learn the secrets of The Whole Life Leadership Approach

For busy, successful professional women who:

  • Want to bring more ease and enjoyment into both your work and personal life
  • Struggle with saying YES to others before taking care of yourself
  • Recognize your lifestyle is taking a toll on your physical health 
  • Long for your life and leadership to feel more integrated and authentic

Treat yourself to a special, nourishing break from your busy day + tune into this 45-minute free video class on the Whole Life Leadership Approach. 

I promise this training will be useful, content-rich, inspiring, and pitch-free.

You’ll get actionable tools you can use right away to be a more joyful and successful leader both at work, and in your own life.

We’ll take a look at 3 ways you can start making the shift to successful Whole Life Leadership

You’ll learn:

  1. How and why to put your own needs first (and why that’s actually not selfish at all.)
  2. Simple practices to cultivate self compassion and integrate the softer parts of yourself that are easily ignored
  3. A technique to help you get grounded in your body, mind and spirit so you can show up authentically and effectively deal with challenges both at work AND at home.

Even making the small shifts I offer in this class can start making your life feel more easeful and successful immediately.


Treat yourself to some well deserved self care at lunchtime on Wednesday, November 8 at 12:00 PM Pacific.

You’ll get back to work refreshed and ready to implement these Whole Life Leadership strategies for your success. 

Hi, I’m Kelsey Lowitz. I help successful, driven women arrive at a new level of fully integrated leadership, so they can find more ease, joy and success as leaders both at work and in their personal lives.

I’ve been where you’re at. As a coach, acupuncturist and mother with 20 years of combined corporate and leadership development experience, I’ve created The Whole Life Leadership Approach to help you see for yourself that the less you try to do everything, the easier your work becomes, and the more success you’ll have. Your reward?  Career growth + more fun, fulfillment, ease and a life in balance emotionally, physically and spiritually.

What clients are saying:

Working with Kelsey has truly been transformative. While our collaboration is focused on career, I find Kelsey to be an invaluable confidante and coach as it relates to my personal relationships, values, spirituality and health. In the career realm, her perspective runs the gamut – she has rich and actionable insights on career growth, office politics,  gender issues and much much more.

Most recently, she coached me with expert dexterity through an incredibly complex consideration process with a new company – with a most successful result! Without Kelsey’s help and support, I can say without hesitation the outcome would have been very different.
I’m immensely grateful for all that Kelsey has done to help me steer down a different path, vs. the comfortable but far less fruitful one that had been my default. Kelsey is the combination of innumerable valuable and inspiring facets. As a bonus, she’s an extraordinary marketer/business leader so her counsel is truly “from the trenches.” She is a true partner in all the ways that count.
Liz G.

I can not say enough about the gifts, support and tools Kelsey’s coaching has brought into my life.  I worked with her for over 2 years and wow can I see a HUGE difference in my life (personally, professionally and spiritually) due to the work we have done together.    Kelsey is gifted in holding your vision, creating practical tools to help you reach your goals, and finding the right way to bring clarity and understanding to what things are getting in the way from reaching your full potential.  Kelsey is truly is an amazing woman to work with as she not only brings her expertise and passion to her work, but most importantly she actually lives and breathes the work that she does in her own life which transfers directly into the coaching work she does with you!

Jamie L.