Savoring Life’s Sweetness without Sugar!

In an effort to shake off that winter heaviness I’d been feeling, I’ve been eliminating added sugars and processed foods from my diet for the past two months. I have much more sustained energy throughout the day, less brain fog and anxiety, and I sleep more soundly at night. In my quest for satisfying blood sugar balancing snacks that have protein, fiber, fat and natural sweetness, I created what I like to call “Apple Pie Palooza.” It works for breakfast on-the-go, for an afternoon pick-me-up, or an after dinner alternative to ice cream and cake. (It’s even kid approved!)

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3 Ways to Cultivate Trust, and Find More Freedom

This year, I decided on TRUST as my word for the year. As part of my commitment to this intention, I want to share it with you. I hope it inspires you to create what you want for yourself- whatever it is — today, this week, month and year. And, if you are interested in cultivating more trust, read on for some helpful tips and strategies I use to create more freedom in my life through trusting more.

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And So It Is.

A lesson I learned from river rafting has resonated strongly with me when trying to accept challenging situations or make difficult decisions in my life. Just like the need to go with the flow of a river if you fall out of the boat, when faced with a challenge, I ask myself, will making this decision or taking this action be going WITH the flow of my life, or will it be flailing against it? If I could really just accept and make peace with the truth of the situation, and allow it to be as it is, what would I need to do?

Acceptance. In order to let the river of my life flow, I have to first get clear and accept that this is what’s happening. Then, I have to TRUST that letting go and letting the river flow, will bring more ease and even unexpected joy.

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I Used to Get SAD.

About a decade ago, I realized I was repeatedly getting stuck in a downward spiral that started late October. As the days got shorter, I spent less time active and outside. I’d start to feel more irritable, hypersensitive, and low energy. I’d want to sleep more, but I was going to bed later in the evening and oversleeping in the morning. With my corporate job where I had to be at my desk by 9AM, sleeping in just meant skipping exercise, followed by sitting behind a desk during the shortened daylight hours. And so, the cycle started. Letting one pillar of my health foundations slip caused a domino effect in the others. But I didn’t have the energy to stop it.

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