Closing out Your Year with Clarity

Sometimes life moves so fast, it all feels like a blur. You get to the end of the year and wonder…Where did my time and energy go? What did I accomplish? What am I most proud of? What did I learn from my challenges and failures?

If I don’t take a minute to think about it, it’s gone, and I just move right on into the next year full speed ahead, missing an opportunity for reflection and growth. The truth is, I actually get to decide how I want to remember my year. I get to write the story of 2018. I do this so I can learn from it, feel great about it, and move on with a clean slate and set clear intentions for the next year. One simple way to do this is through a “Closing out your year” exercise I use with my clients to celebrate triumphs, learn from and let go of failures, before setting clear intentions for the coming year.

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5 Tips to Create Space for the Things that Matter Most

Why is it so hard to make yourself the recipient of your own love? I believe there is nothing more important than self-love, because without it, it’s impossible to truly love others unconditionally. When I’m not taking care of myself, I get overworked and run down. Depleted and tired, I begin to resent any requests for my energy and attention. It’s tough to give when we’re empty. But, when I make time for my own physical, mental, and spiritual health and wellness there’s so much more SPACE for other people’s needs. Imagine a jar full of marbles. You are the jar, and all the demands on your life are the marbles. Marbles can be big or small, professional or personal, important or trivial, but they fill you up. Here are some tips to create more space in your jar for the things that matter most in your life.

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