Slow Power Retreat

2022 dates and location coming soon…

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Immerse yourself in a magical Slow Power experience at the Land of the Medicine Buddha in the gorgeous Santa Cruz Mountains.  We’ll be forest bathing, meditating, practicing yoga, eating delicious vegetarian food, and slowing down our nervous systems to experience deep rest, all in the woods among a fabulous community of women.

Slow power is the clarity of intuition, vitality in the body and openness of heart that come from letting go and slowing life down. Unlike the “do more to get ahead” approach encouraged by our culture (that inevitably leads to resentment and burn out), this kind of power will leave you fulfilled and energized as you take your leadership to the next level.


During this retreat:

  • You’ll practice tuning into your own heart, and learn tools for deeper self-awareness and compassion.
  • You’ll identify and befriend the inner critical voice that gets in the way when you try to put our own needs first. 
  • You’ll discover new ways to create and maintain healthy boundaries, so you can say YES to deep rest and be open to inspiration for your unique work in the world.
  • You’ll attune to your own inner wisdom and experience YOUR Slow Power first hand.

Most importantly, there will be plenty of spaciousness, and quiet time in nature for grounded self connection and reflection.

You’ll return refreshed, engaged, and totally focused on your most important tasks, so you can get more done with less effort, and feel awesome and inspired in the process.

The mid October timing is perfect to let go of the hustle-bustle of summer energy and start harnessing your yin nature for a healthy, balanced winter.

If you’ve been feeling disconnected from yourself, your inspiration, and your power, and long to experience this deep slowing down, you deserve a break and I would love for you to join us!

What last year’s participants are saying…

Before the retreat, I struggled with overdoing in all aspects of my life – running my own business, raising kids, keeping my marriage alive. I was giving so much to others, I constantly felt exhausted and burnt out. I had no idea how much I needed this retreat to help me create more space and presence so I could connect with and enjoy my work and family more. 

On the retreat, I felt a huge shift experienced so much peace and lightness. By the third day, I pretty much floated out of there! The location of the retreat was amazing with the enchanted forest where I connected with a part of myself that I was not even aware of before. It was such a magical combination of realizing my inner beauty and light in a beautiful and peaceful setting!

I would and have absolutely recommended this retreat to many women facing similar struggles of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, or even if you need a little space to check in with yourself.”  – Leah R.


Dates: 2022 dates and location coming soon…

Early Bird Price

Doubles: $579 for shared yurts, $625 for shared rooms.

Singles: $679 for single yurts, $725 for single rooms

Includes delicious vegetarian meals, lodging, yoga, swimming, sauna and workshops. (Payment plans available, just ask!)

To reserve your space, email me directly to let me know you are in! Then, you can either Venmo Kelsey (@kelsey-lowitz), Paypal ([email protected]), or send a check to 541 Athol Ave. Oakland CA 94606.

If you aren’t 100% sure and want to hear more to determine if it’s right for you, I’d be more than happy to hop on the phone and chat with you about it.