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About Kelsey Lowitz, MSOM, L.Ac.

My Story

When I was five years old, after a kindergarten playground brawl, my parents brought me to a therapist who told them: “you’re raising a non-conformist in a family of conformists.”

She hit on something way back then that would take many of my adult years for me to discover. I wasn’t born to live in the safe prison of other people’s expectations. I was born to be my own guide.


I learned this the hard way.

By marrying a man at 27 because on paper he fit the image of what I thought I wanted. By choosing a career in the tech industry that worked me to the bone.

At the end of my marketing career I had a Director’s title, a San Francisco condo and a Mini Cooper to fit the part. But over these years of unfulfilling hard work, my hair started falling out, I had terrible insomnia, and was so depressed I had to be on Prozac to get by.

It was around this time that I found myself back in another therapist’s office. I was divorced, exhausted, unhappy, and lost. And, when this woman asked me how all this made me feel, I didn’t even understand the question, let alone have an answer.

I didn’t know how to feel what I was feeling in my heart or my body. I didn’t know how to feel anything including what I most deeply wanted.

I found my way back to myself with yoga and meditation and, to the disbelief of everyone around me, rented out my condo, traded in the mini for a Honda, and decided to pursue a career in ….acupuncture. I would heal others as I continued to heal myself.   

The practice of acupuncture is all about slowing the body down so one can diagnose the trouble spots and then support and allow the system’s natural power, or “Qi,” to take over and re-balance the body. When this energy is flowing in alignment it has a limitless ability to heal, inspire and empower.

As I stepped away from corporate America and societal expectations to tune into my own body and heart, I discovered my own version of “Qi,” something I now call “slow power.”

Slow Power

Slow power is the clarity of intuition, vitality in the body, and openness of the heart that come from letting go and slowing life down. Unlike the “do more to get ahead” approach encouraged by our culture (that inevitably leads to resentment and burnout), this kind of power will leave you fulfilled and energized as you take your leadership to the next level.

I have spent the last 18 years practicing “slow power” and it has allowed me to make some huge leaps: from starting my own successful coaching and acupuncture business to creating a loving partnership with the right man. Most importantly it has brought me deep fulfillment and allowed me to listen, every day, to the knowing voice inside me and let it lead.

I now work with women leaders to also give them the courage to become their own guides and tap into their own “slow power.” Through my Slow Power Program, you learn to stop conforming to others and start connecting deeply to yourself, to stop racing and start sourcing strength from a slower pace, to say “no” and shift from pleasing others to honoring yourself. To step outside the confines of the invisible fences of others’ expectations we can all live in, and discover your greatest joy and power there. The results my clients have seen, from increased joy and productivity to promotions and raise, have been undeniable.

A few more things about me…

I was once a middle school science teacher and now geek out about the science of everything (especially sleep, the mind-body-spirit connection, and efficient healthy meal making). I have run five marathons but now enjoy hiking and walking just as much. I have an eleven-year-old daughter named India who teaches me about presence, joy, and slow power every day.  

When I spend time with my unconventional family or look into the grateful faces of the clients I now get to serve, I know in my bones that all my leaps have lead me to exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Kelsey and India