insuranceNew Office Procedures for COVID-19 Safety

To prepare for re-opening the clinic, I have completed extensive research on current best practices and the necessary safety precautions during this time of COVID-19.  Below is an outline of a few new procedures we will be using.

Like you, I am also navigating my way into this ‘new normal.’ I am aware of both my own vulnerability and my responsibility as a healthcare provider. With the following precautions in place, I feel capable of safely treating you in my clinic, and am very much looking forward to continuing to support you on your wellness journey.

  • If you are currently experiencing any symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, or loss of taste/smell, I will ask that you not come in for your in person visit, and we can do a tele-health appointment via Zoom instead.
  • If you have a compromised immune system, or possible recent COVID-19 exposure, or if you have travelled by plane or other mass commercial transit or outside of California in the last 14 days, I also ask that you refrain from in-person visits at this time.
  • Please stay in your car until your appointment time. At the time of your appointment, text a picture of your tongue to 415-378-5379 as I won’t be able to ask to see your tongue beneath your mask. I will respond and text you when it’s OK for you to enter.
  • At the door I’ll take your temperature with a contactless forehead thermometer. Anyone with a fever above 99.9 will be asked to go home and seek further medical attention.
  • Please use the restroom at home prior to your appointment in order to minimize exposure and extra cleaning between patients.
  • The usual clinic waiting areas will be off limits until further notice (chairs, tea/water station.)
  • Cloth or surgical masks are mandatory to enter the clinic. I have extra disposable masks available. If you need one, please let me know.
  • You will be asked to wash your hands and use hand sanitizer (provided) upon arrival.
  • Only disposable table covers and pillow cases will be used.
  • Air purifiers will be on continuously in treatment rooms.
  • I will be cleaning + disinfecting accessible clinic surfaces between patients.

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Insurance for Acupuncture

Fortunately, insurance companies are covering acupuncture in California more today than ever before. Many insurance plans cover acupuncture but rates and benefits vary. To find out if you have coverage under your plan, you can call your provider directly or complete and submit the pre-insurance form (once you book an appointment) and we can check for you.

We are on the Preferred Provider list and can provide In-Network services for United Health Care. This means that after a verification of your coverage, we can bill your insurance company directly for services rendered.  With other insurance providers, you can pay for the treatment at the time of service and receive a receipt (called a Superbill) that you send to your insurance company for reimbursement. Or, if you have met your deductible, I can bill your insurance as an out of network provider.

If your insurance does not have an acupuncture benefit, you can still consider your payments as medical expenses that you may be able to write off on your taxes. If you have a health care spending account (HSA) or flex spending plan through your workplace, we accept that to cover the cost of treatment.

Rates for Payment at Time of Service

2021 Acupuncture Current Rates:

Initial Session (75-90 min) includes Intake, Complete Medical History, Acupuncture Treatment, and Herbal Prescription (if needed): $175

Follow up Acupuncture Treatment (60 min): $108

Add on cupping to a follow up treatment: $20

Packages of 10 treatments available for $1000, or 5 treatments for $500

Herbal remedies are priced separately, and usually are between $20 and $30 for most formulas.

Payment Accepted

We accept Cash, Square Cash, Venmo, Checks, Credit Cards.


Transformational Whole Life Coaching is provided via phone or in-person. Coaching programs are designed individually for you, and are priced in 6-month and annual packages. Schedule an intro call and we can chat more and see if we’re a fit to work together.

Coaching and Acupuncture Programs

I’ve created a unique and comprehensive healing program that includes Transformational Whole Life Leadership Coaching and Acupuncture, as well as massage and therapeutic movement practices. Please contact me for details on this exciting in depth offering for over-busy people looking to create Whole Life Mind-Body-Spirit Balance.

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