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Choosing You

Ditch the shoulds, the people pleasing, the overwhelm and create a joy-filled life you love.

A transformational group coaching journey to embodied presence, a nourished nervous system, and exquisite wellbeing.

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You can’t create what you most want in life from that place of always pushing, always doing MORE.

We are living in increasingly stressful times. The breakneck pace of life these days keeps us in this “always on” mode.

When our nervous systems are constantly lit up in fight or flight, we get burned out, sick and stuck in old resistance patterns. 

Our bodies and souls aren’t built to sustain long periods of this. 

Instead of the rest we actually need, we self soothe with unhelpful distractions that only temporarily numb the pain.

We stop feeling our feelings, and drown out the whispers of our inner voice.


When you slow down long enough to discover what you feel and what you want, you can build your life from the ground of deep connection to yourself.

Tuning in to yourself with loving awareness creates the internal safety you need to take risks, speak your truth, set boundaries, and prioritize yourself and your goals.

Knowing yourself and how to effectively nurture your nervous system so you can do this, takes intention and practice. 


Choosing You is a one of a kind program to support you in this healing journey. The skills and practices you will learn will serve you your whole life long. You’ll walk away with:

  • Tools and practices you can use on a day to day basis to come back to your body in the present moment 
  • Understanding of how to work with your nervous system to create what you want in life
  • Capacity to respond effectively vs. react in stressful situations 
  • Access to your body’s wisdom for clearer decision making
  • A deeper knowing and trust of yourself to take aligned action towards your goals 


Clients who have walked this journey report results they often refer to as “magic.”

  • Feeling healthier and more aligned in mind, body and spirit
  • Sleeping more soundly, losing weight, or being free from pain
  • Getting promotions and exciting new career opportunities 
  • Meeting a new love or breathing fresh life into a stagnant relationship
  • Starting a new venture that had previously felt out of reach
  • Letting go of jobs, people, and old ways of being that no longer serve your highest intentions
  • Taking that next right step towards living your life, your way
YouTube video

Watch this recent workshop to get a taste of what this longer journey will be like.

This 7 month coaching journey will bring you into deeper relationship with yourself. 

You’ll learn to replace old unhelpful ways of deprioritizing yourself with tools and practices that support you in choosing yourself, so you can create a life that brings you true joy. 

Program details:

Each month we will cover a new module, uncover problems and highlight new possibilities so you will be inspired to move towards your transformation.

Along with the embodied practices and new tools introduced in each session, there will be time for personal writing, reflecting, sharing, and coaching.

Module 1

Identifying the roots and impact of your limiting beliefs. Rewiring new thoughts to replace the old.

Module 2

Understanding and working with your inner critic. Cultivating self compassion so you can love yourself no matter what.

Module 3

Boundary setting. Knowing when and how to effectively communicate your authentic feelings, needs and desires.

Module 4

Befriending and releasing fears. Becoming intimate with and accepting the protective parts of yourself so they can relax.

Module 5

Building self trust. Increasing your nervous system capacity to move towards your truth and joy.

Module 6

Insight and habit integration. Practice choosing you so you can step into the life you dream about.

Choosing yourself allows you to make better decisions for your life. So you can fill your own cup and have enough energy, inspiration and motivation to reach for your dreams.

“When you stop pushing, THAT’S when the magic happens.”

    About Your Guide

Hi, I’m Kelsey.

I am a transformational life coach, acupuncturist, and Slow Power advocate for hard working women who are ready to achieve their goals in a new, better, and more joyful way.

I’ve helped hundreds of high-achieving women who are exhausted by the constant drive to “do it all,” slow down, choose themselves, and create a path to greater health, success and fulfillment, both at work and at home.

What I have discovered again and again with myself and others I work with is that when you stop pushing, THAT’S when the magic happens. 

Self care isn’t selfish, it’s essential. Living with Slow Power means cultivating your own wellbeing so you can meet your goals with ease.

Here’s some of what past program participants have said.

“I had huge openings around my need for rest, boundaries, self compassion. I could see and work with my own resistance to this, within a loving and supportive container. I now feel more embodied, relaxed, and connected to my needs and goals after this experience.

Carolyn J.

I can now see a path forward towards my dreams. I’m not exactly sure where it will lead but I’m excited for the first time in a long time about having a purpose, and a vision for doing things MY way, in my feminine energy.

Teresa L.

“Burned out from a stressful career in healthcare, facing perimenopause and an empty nest, I knew I needed support to get free of heavy emotional baggage that was keeping me stuck. Kelsey’s wisdom and guidance helped me to clarify my needs, values and goals and create a path towards reaching them. Most importantly, I embraced my personal strengths and uniqueness, and quieted my inner-critic. I now realize that what I had been seeking was already inside me, still untapped. As I now embrace my life with Slow Power, I can continue to create a life I LOVE.”

Elena J.

“I can be a real perfectionist. Since working with Kelsey I’m able to keep an open mind and resist judgment (of myself and others). Now I can tune into my heart and self-soothe when I’m feeling stressed and triggered so I can relax and put things in perspective. Despite all the responsibility at work and at home, I am meeting my goals and feel more joyful and carefree in my body, mind and spirit.”

Heather T.

“I was struggling to make career decisions. Worrying about disappointing others left me paralyzed to make changes. Through working with Kelsey, I was able to visualize what I wanted in my career and life. I gained confidence and a new perspective, and now I’m in my dream situation. I now feel much more confident, empowered and in control of my career. I know I deserve to make the choices that are best for me and my family.”

Kira G.

“Successfully moving through a difficult transition with my career was only possible because of Kelsey’s support and learning to use my Slow Power. I am now more aware, confident and happy. Kelsey’s process is completely supportive and non-judgmental. Through it, I landed a job that I love and am a more calm, confident and effective leader. I stress less and get better results. And I have more energy and am healthier than I’ve been in years!”

Debbie W.

Choosing yourself is the most generous thing you can do for those around you, and the world.

If you are ready to create a life you love, join us for this transformational journey!

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