In Their Own Words...

Client testimonials

Working with Kelsey has truly been transformative. While our collaboration is focused on career, I find Kelsey to be an invaluable confidante and coach as it relates to my personal relationships, values, spirituality and health. In the career realm, her perspective runs the gamut – she has rich and actionable insights on career growth, office politics,  gender issues and much much more.

Most recently, she coached me with expert dexterity through an incredibly complex consideration process with a new company – with a most successful result! Without Kelsey’s help and support, I can say without hesitation the outcome would have been very different.
I’m immensely grateful for all that Kelsey has done to help me steer down a different path, vs. the comfortable but far less fruitful one that had been my default. Kelsey is the combination of innumerable valuable and inspiring facets. As a bonus, she’s an extraordinary marketer/business leader so her counsel is truly “from the trenches.” She is a true partner in all the ways that count.
Liz G.

San Francisco, CA

When I first started working with Kelsey I wasn’t sure what exactly I was trying to figure out in my life, but I knew that there was something missing. Kelsey helped guide me to understand what was really important to me and what I really wanted in life. She was able to show me how to confidently admit my needs to myself and then help me see how I could achieve them. The night that I finally verbalized to her that I was ready to move back home, my boyfriend called several hours later telling me he had been offered a job and we were moving back to our home state! It was an amazing experience, and I was ready to embrace the next stage of my life because Kelsey helped to show me what I truly wanted.

Tanny S.

London, UK

Kelsey brings the perfect balance of intellect and intuition to her work as a coach. I have observed firsthand her ability to quickly bring clarity to life’s murky waters and inspire her clients to move in the direction of their true calling with creativity and confidence. If you are navigating a big change or simply striving to cultivate more fulfillment, Kelsey is a wonderful guide.

Kristin L.

Oakland, CA

As a coach, Kelsey has this wonderful gift of asking profound questions.  Questions that connect the client into their own divine essence, which leads them to their own most powerful and beneficial answers.

Val R.

Middletown, CA

I sought out acupuncture treatment towards the end of my pregnancy. It was very important to me to have a natural birth, and I knew induction with pitocin or other drugs was a slippery slope to a host of other interventions. I had read evidence that acupuncture in the final weeks could naturally induce labor. Based on the recommendation of my birth coach, I scheduled an appointment with Kelsey. She immediately helped me to feel comfortable and reassured– I had gestational hypertension and was very worried my Ob/gyn would decide I needed to be induced! In one session, Kelsey helped bring my BP down to normal (as well as my anxiety level!) After several consecutive sessions, Kelsey helped bring my labor along, just 5 days after my due date. I absolutely attribute my natural, unmediated, healthy birth experience in part to Kelsey’s guidance, support and confidence. She is a warm and wonderful doctor and teacher, and I am so grateful for her!

Alicia Rozum

Oakland, CA

Kelsey has an amazing ability to guide you to tap into your greatest strengths so that you can learn to manage your life to the fullest potential. I am an independent worker with no boss- before I worked with Kelsey I could not start projects and carry them through to fruition. I was insecure about my abilities. Kelsey helps me remove the blockages that I form myself, and find new patterns of working that bring out the best of my abilities and values. Her skills are multiple- practical (computer help), spiritual (tapping into your true strengths and passions), bodily (feeling positive about ourselves, intellectual (where we stop ourselves) and overall, inspirational. What a kind, capable, solid, compassionate woman!  I couldn’t ask for a better life coach.

Lisa F.

Palm City, FL

I can not say enough about the gifts, support and tools Kelsey’s coaching has brought into my life.  I worked with her for over 2 years and wow can I see a HUGE difference in my life (personally, professionally and spiritually) due to the work we have done together.    Kelsey is gifted in holding your vision, creating practical tools to help you reach your goals, and finding the right way to bring clarity and understanding to what things are getting in the way from reaching your full potential.  Kelsey is truly is an amazing woman to work with as she not only brings her expertise and passion to her work, but most importantly she actually lives and breathes the work that she does in her own life which transfers directly into the coaching work she does with you!

Jamie L.

San Francisco, CA

When I started talking to Kelsey I felt “stuck” both personally and professionally and I wanted some fresh ideas and perspectives.  What I got was much more than I was hoping for.  Kelsey has a very rare combination of intelligence and intuition.  She is sharp, professional and grounded, and at the same time she is genuinely empathetic and caring.   She asks great questions and challenged me to find the answers myself.  She has an amazing energy and I always felt more positive, directed and hopeful after our sessions.

Don W.

San Francisco, CA

The climb towards adulthood, towards maturity and confidence, can be truly dizzying and definitely hazardous to some. Luckily for me, life delivered an amazing Sherpa for one of the most rewarding stretches that I’ve yet to scale. Kelsey mentored me for over three years, guiding me from haphazard good intentions to more intentional goodness. She truly helped me make the leap from having a job to having a career and provided not a little assistance in getting me out of some less than fulfilling romantic relationships. We talked of communication in the work-place, relationships, fathers, mothers, college, health, yoga, energy and every topic under the sun but more importantly, Kelsey guides by the vary way in which she interacts. Her energy, her spontaneity, her sincerity and her constant drive towards improvement, not just of herself but of any community of thought and feeling that she takes part in, is a contagion that simultaneously ignites the heart and the mind. For three years I met with Kelsey weekly and three years later I am still thinking of and applying the things that I learned from her daily. She is a person that you will include in your list of role modes with ‘that one teacher’, your thesis advisor, the Parisian friend you made in your exchange year, and your favorite author.

Laura M.

El Cerrito, CA

I was fortunate to find Kelsey during a challenging time in my life.  She is amazingly caring, engaged and insightful.  Generous with her time and deeply committed to her clients, she helped me begin to bring about the changes I sought in my life.  Her words, suggestions and recommendations continue to have a positive impact on my life, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.  I highly recommend Kelsey to anyone looking for a skilled life coach to help them achieve their personal or professional goals.


San Francisco, CA

Within a very quick period of time, Kelsey was able to help me see through the haze and get a clearer picture of who I am, where to go, and what to do. Her insightful assistance seemed to flow so intuitively–she really has a gift in helping people find focus and direction. I highly recommend her as a Life Coach.

Gabrielle M.

San Francisco, CA