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Choosing You

 A free online workshop for women exhausted from sacrificing wellbeing to meet the everyday demands and “shoulds” of life.

If you’re ready to create a joy-filled life YOU love,

It’s time to ditch people-pleasing and choose yourself

 Thursday, March 23rd.

12:00 noon – 1:30 PM (PT) Via Zoom.

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As young girls we learned that being “nice” will keep us connected and safe. Cultural conditioning leads you to believe that putting other people first keeps you from being alone.

We carry this self sacrificing mindset into adulthood, our relationships, families and careers.

Focusing on others’ needs, goals and expectations actually does get us the praise and acknowledgement we seek, for a time.

It works, until it doesn’t.

After years of this people pleasing, you wake up to realize that saying “yes” when you really mean “no” is a form of self-neglect that leads not to true validation, but instead to resentment and burnout.

You’re not alone and it’s not your fault. Your nervous system was wired within a patriarchal system designed to separate you from your own knowing.

But now it is up to you to choose something different, to choose you.

What I have discovered for myself and hundreds of women I’ve worked with is this:

You are meant to live a life you love.

When you stop living in your head and start living in your body, you can truly choose yourself. Then, everything flows.

You meet your needs and achieve your goals with a lot less effort, and a ton more fun!

You know the old saying, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”

When you fill your own cup first, you have more energy, time and inspiration and motivation to lead the people who need you.

In this free workshop, I’ll share with you the 3 Slow Power tools that will help you choose yourself and create a life that brings you joy. You will:

  • Identify the limiting belief that leads you to self sacrifice, and create a new thought to replace it.
  • See clearly the ways you have been over giving and how it’s holding you (and others) back.
  • Understand how self love is more effective than self discipline to help you reach your goals. 
  • Know when a boundary is needed, and how to communicate it effectively.
  • Use an embodied practice to discern your Yes’s from your No’s.

Come learn why choosing yourself is the most generous thing you can do for those around you, and the world. 

There will also be time for personal reflection and sharing in a like minded community.

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I will spend a few minutes at the end of this experience telling you about my full 6 month, “Choosing You” Program. Rest assured you will get so much value out of this workshop regardless of whether you choose to go on the longer journey with me.

“When you stop pushing, THAT’S when the magic happens.”

    About Your Facilitator

Hi, I’m Kelsey.

I’m a coach, acupuncturist, and Slow Power advocate for hard working women who are ready to achieve their goals in a new, better, and more joyful way.

I’ve helped hundreds of high-achieving women who were exhausted by the constant drive to “do it all,” slow down, choose themselves and create a path to greater health, success and fulfillment, both at work and at home.

What I have discovered again and again with myself and others I work with is that when you stop pushing, THAT’S when the magic happens.

“Burned out from a stressful career in healthcare, facing perimenopause and an empty nest, I knew I needed support to get free of heavy emotional baggage that was keeping me stuck. Kelsey’s deep wisdom and guidance helped me to clarify my needs, values and goals and create a path towards reaching them. Most importantly, I embraced my personal strengths and uniqueness, and quieted my inner-critic. I now realize that what I had been seeking was already inside me, still untapped. As I now embrace my life with Slow Power, I can continue to create a life I LOVE.”


“I can be a real perfectionist. Since working with Kelsey I’m able to keep an open mind and resist judgment (of myself and others). Now I can tune into my heart and self-soothe when I’m feeling stressed and triggered so I can relax and put things in perspective. Despite all the responsibility at work and at home, I am meeting my goals and feel more joyful and carefree in my body, mind and spirit.”

Heather T.

“I was struggling to make career decisions, and worrying about disappointing others left me paralyzed to make changes. Through working with Kelsey, I was able to visualize what I wanted in my career and life. I gained confidence and a new perspective, and now I’m in my dream situation. I now feel much more confident, empowered and in control of my career. I know I can make the choices that are best for me and my family.”

Kira G.

“Successfully moving through a difficult transition with my career was only possible because of Kelsey’s support and learning to use my Slow Power. I am now more aware, confident and happy. Kelsey’s process is completely supportive and non-judgmental. Through it, I landed a job that I love and am a more calm, confident and effective leader. I stress less and get better results. I have more energy and am healthier than I’ve been in years!”

Debbie W.

If you are ready to choose yourself and create a life you love, I hope you’ll join us for this transformational workshop.

Choosing You

Thursday, March 23. 12:00 noon – 1:30 PM (PT)

Online via Zoom.

Live attendance is recommended, and a limited replay recording will also be provided.

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I will spend a few minutes at the end of this experience telling you about my full 6 month, “Choosing You” Program. Rest assured you will get so much value out of this workshop regardless of whether you choose to go on the longer journey with me.