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Lead With Slow Power While Sheltering in Place

These truly are wild unprecedented times, full of change, uncertainty, fear, and loss. Here’s what I’m feeling myself, and hearing from others over and over again lately…

    • The routines and practices that kept you balanced and calm have fallen away.
    • You’re either frustrated because you’ve got NO time for yourself, or you’re isolated and anxious from having too much time alone.
    • There’s no space or flow between people in your home, challenging relationships.
    • The supportive connections you relied on from friends and co-workers have dwindled, or don’t fuel you in the same way. (Need a hug, anyone??)
    • Not knowing what to do with your sadness and fear, you distract yourself from feeling it by spending too much time online, or snacking!

You are sheltered in place, but somehow, you’re still too busy. 

Working long hours and sitting all day has you feeling cooped up and stagnant in your body. Your head is spinning with way too much screen time, Zoom, and social media. Increased household duties including homeschooling make attempting to work from home near impossible. It’s overwhelming. 

It is all so much. And yet somehow you still worry you aren’t doing enough… 

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone.

In these unusual times, leading with Slow Power is even more imperative. 

Inspired by the concept of Qi in Chinese Medicine, “Slow Power” is a force you cultivate inside that allows you to be more present, focused, and in flow. When you lead with Slow Power you are connected to your inner wisdom, fulfilled and energized. You wisely discern your yes’s from your no’s.

You achieve more by doing less, and live with calm and ease.

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Kelsey Lowitz
541 Athol Ave. Oakland CA 94606


In these times, leading with Slow Power means making space to connect to your heart and allowing yourself to really feel your feelings. It means letting go of having to do this quarantine life perfectly, as you accept yourself and the present moment just as it is.  Slow Power in quarantine means setting better boundaries, reducing distractions, and creating a self-compassionate and non-judgemental space where you can let go of all your usual shoulds. It requires listening to your body with kindness and giving it what it really needs. 

Do you long to feel more calm, balanced and at ease in your body and mind during this shelter in place? 

Then I invite you to join an amazing group of women and get structured support that will help you harness your Slow Power and thrive during these uncertain and challenging times.

The Slow Power Group includes:

    • Five weekly group coaching calls, with modules on letting go, attuning to your inner wisdom, setting healthy boundaries, deepening self-compassion, creating flow in your body, and more!
    • Weekly morning qigong + meditation sessions Tues/Thurs 8:00 am (attendance optional)
    • Supportive Slow Power FB group for sharing insights and connecting between calls.

Dates: Wednesdays, April 29 + May 6, 13, 20, 27

Times: 4:00 — 5:15 pm

Investment:  Sliding scale

Please pay from your heart at the level that matches your situation, and works for your budget.

$379 : Regular Slow Power Program fee. (You still have your job, thank goodness!)

$279 : Tier 2 price. (You’re still working, but you’ve seen a decrease in your income.)

$179 : Tier 3 price. (You’re struggling financially right now.)

Sign up by Tuesday, April 21, and get a free 30 min 1-on-1 coaching session with Kelsey (before the group starts!)

Space is limited!

Email me to save your spot and either Venmo @kelsey-lowitz

Paypal [email protected] to register.