Lead with Slow Power: Shift from Overworked and Overwhelmed to Thriving, Sustainable Success

For high achieving women ready to harness the power
of ease and calm to reach their biggest goals

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What if… you could slow down and actually achieve more of what you most deeply want, even during this unusually challenging time?

What if… all the hard work you’ve been putting in (because it’s always worked before) is actually holding you back?

What if… you could garner wisdom from the chaos of this pandemic to have a lasting, positive impact on your life?

What if… going slower and being kinder to yourself could introduce you to your true power?



Is this you?

● You’re smart, driven, and a really hard worker. You’re used to achieving what you want in life simply by doing more. But too often this leaves you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. And, the truth is, it’s not even getting you what you want anymore.

● Deep down, you have a big vision for yourself, but you move so fast you have a hard time seeing it clearly especially during this pandemic (with the extra challenges it has brought.) Instead, you fill your calendar meeting other people’s needs and get caught in a cycle of approval seeking that keeps you from what you most long to do.

● Your success to date has come from your smarts so you easily live in your head and feel disconnected from your heart and body’s wisdom. Your body often is sending you whispers but you don’t listen until it’s screaming at you.

● You know there has to be a better way…

Introducing Slow Power

Slow power is the clarity of intuition, vitality in the body and openness of heart that come from letting go and slowing life down. Unlike the “do more to get ahead” approach encouraged by our culture (that inevitably leads to resentment and burn out), this kind of power will leave you fulfilled and energized as you take your work to the next level.

Leading with Slow Power will help you shift…

✅ From living in a swirl of self-doubt to truly valuing yourself, knowing your deepest desires, and feeling empowered to create the life you want without working yourself into the ground to get there.

✅ From motivating yourself through criticism to inspired action grounded in self compassion rather than self-discipline.

✅ From saying YES to everyone else around you while denying your own needs, to saying YES to yourself first so that you are fulfilled and energized to do the work you are called to do.


Lead with Slow Power is a one of a kind group coaching program that will help you replace long hours and overwhelm with a new way of being that allows you to consistently reach your goals with ease. 

The Slow Power Journey

In this unique 5 month program we’ll move through the Slow Power journey modeled after the seasons. Where most high achieving women go wrong is thinking that they can overrun the cycles of nature. This program in a grounded and practical way, roots us back to the energies that are part of the natural cycle of life.


Part 1: Going Dark, Getting Honest (Winter)

Winter ushers in a time of darkness, releasing, and letting go. Together we’ll assess what isn’t working about your current situation, identify your inner critic’s role in keeping you stuck in old ways of being, and create space for you to let go of the old identity to invite in a new way.



Part 2: Planting the Seeds of Possibility (Spring)

In Spring, the buds of new possibilities awaken and grow. We’ll introduce and explore ways for you to connect to your heart’s guidance and inner wisdom. You’ll make the clear choice to step into a new path, and create intentions and practices that will align your life to this new possibility.

Part 3: Activate your Slow Power Vision (Summer)

Summer is about action, activation and infinite potential. In this part of the program you will get to work on your vision of the life you most deeply want. From here you’ll identify one or several big goals to work in in a slow powered way. You’ll also identify blocks and any negative thought patterns that could distract you from your goals while you solidify your boundaries and your self care routines so you can make your dream a reality.


Part 4: Harvest, Gratitude and Celebration (Autumn)

Autumn is time to harvest the bounty and celebrate your transformation. You’ll claim what you know and integrate the process on a cellular level so that you can bring ease, calm and Slow Power to each new goal or project you create.

As a Result of This Program

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  • You will have a clear vision of what you most want to achieve, and will have begun working towards some of your biggest goals in a slow-powered way.
  • You will get to know and befriend your inner critic like never before so it no longer keeps you in the spin of overwork and validation seeking.
  • You will discover how the self-compassion you’ve been resisting is actually one of your superpowers (and like kryptonite for the inner critic.)


  • You will listen to the deep wisdom of your heart and body and trust it with every decision you make. 
  • You will stand confidently in your boundaries so you more easily say no to misaligned demands on your time. You will openly receive the support you need, because you know you don’t have to do it all yourself.
  • You will have a new toolkit of practices to nourish yourself so that you are well rested, full of energy and creatively inspired to do the work you are called to do. 

Your life will be in flow…

It is possible.

I know this might seem like a dream that only other people can achieve, that there’s no way this is really possible, especially not NOW, during a pandemic when you have SO many more responsibilities and stressors on your life! I get it. Now seems like a really hard time to take on or learn something new. But I promise that achieving your goals can be a whole lot easier and a ton more fun, with Slow Power.

I struggled (and to be honest, I still struggle) with cycles of overworking, resentment and burnout for most of my life until I discovered and started practicing this new way of being that changed everything.

I’m Kelsey Lowitz. I help successful, driven women tune into themselves, and cultivate “Slow Power” into their life and leadership, so they can find more ease, joy and success both at work and in their personal lives.

I’ve been where you’re at. I’m an overachiever who spent the better part of the last 48 years deriving my self worth from my achievements, and only feeling good enough if I was producing results that others wanted. I finally attuned to my own heart, stopped driving myself incessantly to DO MORE, and now use my own Slow Power medicine daily as I build my life and work to sustain me instead of drain me. (You can read my full story here.)

As a transformational life coach, licensed acupuncturist and mother with 20 years of combined corporate and leadership development experience, I’ve created the Slow Power process to help you see for yourself that the less you try to do everything, the easier your work becomes, and the more success you’ll have. Your reward?  Professional and personal growth with more fun, flow, fulfillment and a life in balance emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Here’s what you’ll get when you join LEAD WITH SLOW POWER: 


One kick-off private 1 on 1 coaching call with Kelsey so you can get clear on your specific goals for the program and focus on achieving what’s most important to you.

✅ 5 months of bi-weekly group coaching calls (90 minutes) where we go step by step through the Slow Power Process, so you’re not doing any of this alone.

A Worksheet for each lesson to help you implement what you’re working on so you can create deep and lasting transformation.

✅ A private Facebook community group where you can get ongoing support from me and the group on questions, insights and issues that come up for you between our calls. 

✅ Meditation and qigong practices for you to use to stay calm and grounded between our group calls. (Optionally, you can join me via Zoom to do these practices together.)

✅ The Slow Power PLUS program is a higher touch container that includes one private 1 on 1 coaching call each month (6 total). This is for you if you know you need a little more connection, accountability and support for this transformational journey.


Want to know more?

In this video I tell some of my story and how I discovered Slow Power for myself along my own healing journey. I also share 3 key Slow Power ideas that you can use right away to help you shift from overworked and overwhelmed to thriving, sustainable success.

“Successfully moving through a difficult transition with my career was only possible because of Kelsey’s support and learning to use my Slow Power. I am now more aware, confident and happy. Kelsey’s process is completely supportive and non-judgmental. Through it, I landed a job that I love and am a more calm, confident and effective leader. I stress less and get better results. And I have more energy and am healthier than I’ve been in years!”
Debbie W.

Executive, NY

Are you ready to try a new way?

It would be an incredible honor to share in the journey of your transformation to a new way of living with Slow Power to create sustainable success. If you’re ready to move away from doing it all and drained, towards living with more ease and fulfillment, and creating a vibrant life you don’t have to escape from, then sign up here to join the waitlist and you’ll be the first to know when this program launches again. 

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In Their Words…

“I have always known that I’m really hard on myself and recently it clicked that this is a major factor in the depression I’ve struggled with for decades. Since working with Kelsey on Slow Power, I have felt a MAJOR shift in self love and self compassion. Kelsey helped me realize how important it is to connect to myself so I can have clarity about why I feel sad, anxious, angry, etc. Working on acceptance has helped me get out of the perfectionist mode and now I enjoy life a whole lot more and don’t sweat the small stuff. I’ve gained a better understanding of myself, which empowers me to achieve my goals with ease.”
Leah R.

Business Owner

“I can be a real perfectionist. One of the biggest lessons I learned from Kelsey is to keep an open mind and resist judgement (of myself and others). Now I tune into my heart and self-soothe when I’m feeling triggered, stressed or worried so I can relax and put things in perspective. Despite all the responsibility at work and at home, I am meeting my goals and feel more carefree in my body and spirit.”
Heather T.


“I knew I needed to make a change, but was struggling to make decisions, and I felt paralyzed. I was too worried about disappointing others. Through coaching with Kelsey, I was able to visualize what I wanted in my career and life. I gained confidence and a new perspective, and now I’m in my dream situation. I’m less stressed, working less and feeling much more successful. With Kelsey’s coaching, I was able to recognize and act on the opportunity when it arose. I feel much more confident, empowered and in control of my career. I am able to set boundaries and make the choices that are best for me and my family.”
Kira G.