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How on earth is it March 2016 already?! I know this isn’t the typical time to be talking about intentions for the year, but it’s my birthday month so I always engage in a bit of a ‘New Year’ reflection, goal setting, and refresh as I turn one-year older. Plus, the energy of Spring helps motivate me to make things happen. My tradition is to pick a focus word, and attempt through awareness and intention to bring it more fully into my life over the next 12 months. It works, every time.

This year, I decided on TRUST as my word for the year. As part of my commitment to this intention, I want to share it with you. I hope it inspires you to create what you want for yourself- whatever it is — today, this week, month and year. And, if you are interested in cultivating more trust, read on for some helpful tips and strategies you can use to create more freedom in your life through trusting more.

There are three main types of trust I’m cultivating trust this year. First, I am learning to trust the universe more. How? When feeling anxious about a situation with lots of unknowns (finances, relationships, schedule, etc.), I breathe deeply to generate calm grounded energy in my body so I can tap into the trust that everything is going to be OK, while letting go of needing to know exactly how it’s going to get there. I call it being in the “not-knowing.” Simply acknowledging that this a legitimate place to be, gives me freedom.

Practice:  Put your hand on your heart, breathe deeply, and relax while visualizing the very best outcome that you desire. Envision it clearly and generate the energy of having that positive outcome, so you can feel it in your body. Focus your energy towards creating that reality (rather than worrying about the multitude of other possible outcomes). The truth is we don’t have real control over the future, all we have is this moment. Choosing to stay present and in trust while bringing the energy of the positive outcome you want into your body, feels a lot better than sitting in fear about things that might not happen and that you cannot affect by worrying. I also find it to be remarkably effective for actually producing the end result I’m imagining. (Tip: Try imagining the outcome in a green ray of light, which has the power to help precipitate the vision you desire from the millions of possibilities out there.)

I’m also being called to trust myself and my intuition more. To do this, I’m needing to slow down, make space, and really listen to the whispers of my inner wisdom. We all have this inner voice that speaks quietly and is so easily ignored. It often speaks to us through sensations in our bodies that we must get quiet to feel, hear and understand. When, for whatever reason you don’t trust it, (and so make a wrong turn), forgive yourself and get curious so as to learn from the experience and further hone your intuition, so you can trust it next time.

To do this, ask yourself: What was that feeling I got? When did I get it? What did it feel like in my body? And what got in the way of me listening to it?  I find there is a real nugget of wisdom in these experiences when I ignored my intuition and chose to do something different.

And last but not least, I’m cultivating trust in other people and my relationships. Brene Brown did a powerful talk where she breaks down the “Anatomy of Trust” simply and beautifully. “Trust is choosing to make something important to you, vulnerable to the actions of someone else.”

When we trust, we are BRAVING connection with another. And as Brene breaks it down, trust requires these key components:








Not until we completely love and trust ourselves can we really trust other people. (How can you trust someone who says “I love you” when they don’t love themselves)? If this type of trust is something you’re working on, I highly recommend watching Brene’s talk as she breaks down trust into it’s parts so it’s easier to understand, act on, and discuss with others you trust.

Honestly, it’s NEVER too late, or the wrong time to set intentions and decide how you want your year, month, or day to look. You can begin now. Each moment is a choice, and when I remember that, I feel so powerful and free from fear.

If you’re wanting support on moving towards your intentions this year, whatever they are, please reach out. I have two spots in my 1 on 1 coaching program opening up next month!

If you have a practice for staying in trust, or if you chose another word or intention for this year, please tell me about it in the comments below. I love hearing from you.

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