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Let me be real with you. Slow Power isn’t always easy for me.

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When I’m afraid or feel out of control about a situation in my life, like if I’m caught in a conflict with someone, or I need to set a boundary I’ve been avoiding, my first instinct is to speed up and do more. 

I start to move fast. I go into doing mode, and try to “figure things out” with my head. It feels frenetic.

Sometimes I can spin in that head space for hours or even days. It’s my old protective mode that I rely on to attempt to control things, so that I can feel safe, and get what I want. 

But I’ve discovered that pushing harder and doing more is the exact opposite of what I need.


The tell tale signs that I’m in this spin cycle are that I also find myself: 

…distracting myself with scrolling social media, reading endless news online

…getting too many snacks from the fridge

…talking incessantly about my problems + asking others’ opinions

…neglecting my morning rituals that keep me grounded and calm.


All of these behaviors remove me from my embodied experience, and move me farther from my own truth.


Instead, when I can slow down and attune to the sensations in my body

…breathe with the actual energy flowing through me

…hold the space and give it the accepting attention that it needs,

The painful grip on my heart loosens and it goes away on its own. 


I don’t actually need to do anything or figure anything out. 

In that space, the answers become clear, and there is nothing more to do at all. Just trust, let go, and stay open.


And slowly, my real power emerges.